Social Videos

John Johnson Designs maintains a complete Internet (SRGB) Social Media Video Post-Production Workstation. We start with your current advertising assets adding needed elements during post-production. Video’s can be any size from widescreen to square and any length, determined by your marketing research.

Our services include: Project Management; Video Editing; Video Post-Production; Graphics Post-Production; Audio & Music Production. Our Timeline Workflow includes additional features and our Options ensure the success of any video campaign. Services can be included as a part of our Social Management or as an  independent campaign.

After your first contact, we will ask you to fill out an online Intake Form of needed services and resources. From a realistic assessment of your needs we will prepare a custom specific quote to meet your budget.

  • Project Management

    • project/campaign conception 
    • project administration
    • project creative
    • production management
    • post-production services
    • video hosting
    • deployment to social media and website (as needed)
    • analytics 

  • Video Editing

    • edited using Adobe Premiere Pro
    • clips are resized, cropped and color graded
      as needed for social media
    • we use Tangent boards for our color grading
    • library of professional clips is available
    • stock clips are licensed per project

  • Video Post-Production

    • full Adobe After Effects service
    • New Blue; Red Giant & Boris
      professional effects
    • basic titles & transitions
    • advanced effects as an option

  • Graphics Post-Production

    • professional pan & zoom for
      high resolution images
    • full Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator services
    • graphic overlays as well as full screen

  • Audio & Music Production

    • library of professional independent artist music clips is available 
    • library of basic Foley (sound effects) is available
    • stock clips are licensed per project
    • audio production with Steinberg Nuendo and WaveLab Professional
    • voice-over talent scripting and management (requires third-party vocal artist option)

  • Workflow

    • milestones and timeline are determined by the project
    • milestones are proofed and signed off (revisions included pre-milestone)
    • short-term video hosting 

  • Options

    • project consulting & storyboards
    • original project design & illustration elements
    • ad Insertion & hosting for web & social media
    • additional size or length video
    • advanced effects post-production
    • original arrangement music production
    • advanced Foley (sound effects)
    • long-term video hosting
    • third-party location video
    • third-party studio video
    • third-party voice over