Thank you for visiting John Johnson Designs. Located in Ringgold, Georgia near Chattanooga, Tennessee, I specialize in WordPress Design, Development & Security. If you have questions or a project in mind, don’t hesitate to Contact me!

For many years I worked in the industrial audio/video industry. When I first came to Chattanooga to work with One International it was with that role as an AV manager. There was one project One International had with J103 that required merging all of their old JavaScript top ten and top 40 list with the new J103 website.

There were some difficulties merging the JavaScript with HTML and the lists weren’t working. It was one of those situations where everyone had gone home for the weekend, the site was live and not working. I’ve always been one to do the needful so I took it upon myself to go over the Javascript and HTML line by line troubleshooting till it was clear how to merge the script with the site and get it all working.

During those years I worked as a web developer on J103, WUTC, all the Rock City sites, as well as dozens of other web sites in the Chattanooga area. In later years working as a freelance I  have worked with national as well as local companies with web design & development, sometimes even calling on my past talents as a videographer.

Today,  along with WordPress Design, Development & Security,  I'm also branching out into the field of Digital Modeling & Virtual Photography. Please visit my Services page for a complete listing of all available services.

Thank you

John Johnson

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